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Ep. 86

Strain 93-NMB

Episode description

Zero Point Report: Secret World Deep Dive & Community Buzz

Join Waffle, Jimmy the Rabbit, and Ocho in a lively broadcast discussing the latest developments and community highlights for the Secret World IP. This episode covers a range of topics including the success of ‘Secret World for Savage Worlds’ on Kickstarter, ongoing summer solstice events, and the upcoming 7th anniversary celebrations. Dive into spirited debates about game mechanics, the legacy of Secret World Legends, and the influence of Funcom’s other projects like Dune. Listen in as they tackle gaming entitlement, the art of storytelling in games, and the responsibilities of developers towards their communities. Whether you’re a long-time fan or a new player, this episode offers insightful discussions and community shoutouts you won’t want to miss!